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This section has all the material to do with containering your 505 to the championship


We now have a container shipping deal for you - the competitors. Following on here, is a general description of the deal. The formal Terms and Conditions (Ts and Cs) of the offer can be found by clicking here. The Terms and Conditions (Ts and Cs) document takes precedence over the text on this web page. At this point the Ts and Cs document is Provisional. The particular things I need comment on ASAP before going to Final issues are

  • who is organising the container from each region? I need your name, so please sort that out as first priority
  • The choice of port (see Annex 2 of the Ts and Cs) is a mixture of what is right for you and what is right for us - so we need to have any debate and nail down the answer ASAP. I want one and only one coordinated view from each region, so decide the answer to the question above before hitting this one.

The deal is with shipping agents Peters and May. They are the leading agents for shipping of boats and yachts in the UK, providing successful services to many racing classes and to the industry. They understand what we are trying to achieve. Peters and May have agents in all the relevant countries where competitors are likely to come from. Although there is a slight cost overhead by engaging the best-of-breed professionals, we firmly believe that this will be for the best as it allows us to:

  • fix many of the costs.
  • arrange trucking so that your container will not finish up waiting for the last one to arrive in the UK thus holding everyone up
  • Eliminate the risk to you of overrunning demurrage costs
  • have a high level of confidence in the container operations on an end to end basis

There is no partial deal. You take the lot or you are on your own including transport and demurrage in the UK

In general terms:

  • You make arrangements though one of Peters and May's agents listed at the end of the Ts and Cs document. You need to work with Peters and May's agent to ensure you and they are happy that your container will get to UK in time - that's your job.
  • Those arrangements are from your home country to quayside in the UK and for the return trip. Note the exact details of how you need to do this in the Ts and Cs document
  • Peters and May, on behalf of the organisers will truck the container to HISC and put it on the ground for the duration of the championships - you can use it for storage etc.
  • Peters and May have got us a good deal on demurrage, so we are not making an issue of days in the UK, except to say that you have to agree arrival and departure dates with Peters and May and/or their agents
  • Peters and May, on behalf of the organisers will truck the container from HISC and return it to quayside for the homeward journey



  • Your financial arrangements are entirely with Peters and May and/or their agent in your country
  • Quayside to HISC, all transport, demurrage and return to quayside is entirely covered by the championship budget
  • The championship will be sponsoring the offshore legs of each container movement i.e. the bit you have to pay. This sponsorship sum will be paid to Peters and May by the championship fund
  • The amount of sponsorship we will pay on your container is on a sliding scale dependent on how many boats are in your

container (and entered of course!). We are stating a figure today, but if financial circumstances permit, we hope to improve that figure. Yes, we are actively encouraging as many boats as possible per container.

Contact Details:
All contact details for UK and offshore agents are listed in the Ts and Cs document


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