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Winds in Hayling Bay


340 040. The offshore wind sector which is not too bad for shifts as the land to windward is quite low (under 10 meters for 10km to the north). This means that the shifts downwind are not that big or frequent, however they are there to be had.

040 100. For the wind, go left up the beat as there is more pressure closer to the shoreline: standard result for northern hemisphere wind blowing parallel to the shore

100 200. This is the clear wind sector. Nothing to disturb the wind since leaving France.

200 250.The wind is coming from the distant Isle of Wight. In theory there should be a convergence band blowing down to the race area giving more pressure on the right side of the course but it depends very much on exactly where the course is positioned. IoW certainly stirs up the wind and causes more shifts than in the 100 200 sector.

270 340. Some shifts in this sector. Looks out for less pressure in the divergence zone near the shoreline

Sea Breeze
Best sea breeze in a light warm North Westerly to get the rotation going. Look out for early signs of cumulus rising off the South Downs. Sea Breeze fills in from around 160 deg, grows in strength, swinging sometimes quite quickly and settling at around 220 to 240. Be prepared for the Race Officer to wait until the direction settles. In the summer, once it gets going, it blows until around 7-00 p.m. when it starts to fade quite fast

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