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Weather Information

Expect a water temperature of 16 to 18 deg 

You will all have your favourite weather sites, but here is a short list myself and a few friends use. Just take care with its wind forecast for Hayling Island, as it represents inland wind speed so is under-represented. The Met Office site and click on Central Southern England. UK Hayling Island appears on their list of locations  Look for UK West Wittering as the nearest location. is a useful portal to other weather sites.

The other particularly useful one is not a forecasting site, but is a weather-measuring site. The instruments are mounted on Chichester Bar Beacon one of the markers as you go out of the harbour, so they are within a couple of km of the race area. Wave heights in the race area are generally a bit less than indicated on Chimet because of the shallow water around the site of the instruments. The website is built by local sailors for local sailors. . It is also available in summary form for mobile phone so you can see what its doing in Hayling Bay from your bed

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